Threat Hunter was established in 2017, focusing on the business anti-fraud and API security solutions. Based on excellent capability of risk intelligence data, rich attack and defense experience in the black market and perfect business risk monitoring system, the Company helps enterprises solve account security, marketing anti-fraud, traffic fraud, interface security and other issues, improves attack and defense efficiency for enterprise risk control, and ensures the healthy development of enterprise online business.

Since the establishment, Threat Hunter has successively obtained multiple rounds of investment such as GSR Ventures, ZhenFund and Forebright investment, and has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise and IDC innovator, etc.

Customer-oriented, honest and truth-seeking
Threat Hunter always adheres to the value concept of "Customer-oriented, honest and truth-seeking", constantly iterates and optimizes products and service capabilities, and aims at providing customers with the ultimate security experience. So far, Threat Hunter has provided security services for more than 300 customers including Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu, Toutiao, Taikang Insurance, Huatai Securities, China UnionPay and China CITIC Bank, and has been highly recognized by customers.
  • Aug.

    Jointly released the "API Security Development White Paper (2023)" with CAICT

  • Jul.

    Selected as an sample vendor in the "API Threat Protection" field of Gartner's "Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2023 "

    Selected as an sample vendor in the "API Threat Protection" field of Gartner's "Hype Cycle for API, 2023 "

  • Feb.

    Selected as an recommended company in the "API Security" field by IDC

  • Dec.

    Selected for the First Batch of API security capability "Advanced" certification by CAICT

  • Oct.

    Selected for 'API Threat Intelligence Recommended Companies' by IDC

    Selected for 'API Security Defense Recommended Companies' by CS Review

    Obtained tens of millions of exclusive investment from CASI

  • Sep.

    Selected for 'API Security Technology Recommended Companies' by IDC

  • Jun.

    Selected for the First Batch of Members in 'CAICT Business Security Promotion Plan'

    Selected for 'Shenzhen 2021 High-quality Development Companies'

  • Apr.

    Selected for "China Cybersecurity Market Panorama 2022"

  • Mar.

    Selected for "China Cybersecurity Industry Panorama (Ninth Edition)"

  • Feb.

    Obtained tens of millions of exclusive investment from GSR Ventures

  • Dec.

    Held the first API Security Management Forum

    Won the 2021 ISC Network Security Innovation Capability Top 100 "Data Security Field" award

  • Nov.

    Received 55 million yuan in A+ round of financing

    Launched the industry's first API security control platform based on intelligence

  • Oct.

    Selected for an online business security innovator in "China Digital Security Capability Graph"

  • Mar.

    Threat Hunter launched data asset leakage monitoring solution

    Threat Hunter launched the business risk awareness system

    Selected for "China Cybersecurity Industry Panorama (Eighth Edition)"

  • Nov.

    Selected for "China Cybersecurity Industry Panorama 2022"

  • Mar.

    Selected for "China Cybersecurity Industry Panorama (Seventh Edition)"

    Launched the industry's first business intelligence search engine

    Released the first business security assessment standard for blue force

  • Jun.

    Acquired Yunclean Net to improve the content security product system

    Selected for the report of "IDC Innovator: Anti-Fraud Technology for Business Security in China, 2019"

  • May.

    Selected for the Most Competitive Enterprise of OTS.M in "China Cybersecurity Segmentation Matrix"

  • Mar.

    Global open-source business risk control system - TH-Nebula

  • Feb.

    Obtained nearly 10 million yuan investment from Ren Capital's strategic financing

  • Dec.

    Threat Hunter TH-Karma Business Intelligence Monitoring Platform won "Innovative Product of the Year" of Freebuf 2019 FIT Conference WitAwards

  • Sept.

    Obtained the pre-A + strategic investment of 6 million yuan from ZhenFund

    Won the champion of ISC security maker conference

  • Jun.

    Threat Hunter's first cyber attack and defense salon of the black market was successfully held in Beijing

  • May.

    Obtained the pre-A investment of 25 million yuan from ULTR@Buttonwood Capital

  • Feb.

    Threat Hunter Ghost Valley Laboratory was established, focusing on digging the black market industrial chain to help enterprises reduce the blind spots of anti-fraud

  • Jun.

    The industry's first business intelligence alert platform TH-Karma was launched

  • Apr.

    Obtained nearly 10 million investment in Cheetah Mobile Angel Round

  • Jan.

    Threat Hunter was officially established

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