Background and Challenges

Digitalization brings about the development of online scenarios and also causes a new round of growth in the black market, which further widens the information gap between attack and defense, and makes the defender in an unfavorable position. How to timely grasp the attacker's strategy has become the first line of security guarantee. According to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2020, cybercrime will be the second most concerned risk in global business over the next decade (to 2030). By 2021, Internet black market will cause a global loss of up to 6 trillion US dollars.

Capability Matrix of Business Risk Intelligence Platform
Risk Intelligence Alert
After the platform detects a risk event related to the enterprise, it will give an alert to the enterprise through WeChat, SMS, etc., and start the process of emergency response.
Expert Intelligence Service
We provide professional intelligence service for customers in emergency response to event , sample analysis and gang tracing, etc.
Risk Intelligence Source Subscription
The platform has rich original intelligence source subscription services to help enterprises realize more customization capabilities, such as tool intelligence. Enterprises can implement their own filtering and processing logic by subscribing to tool intelligence.
Risk Profile Intelligence Subscription
With the accurate risk labeling ability, directly participate in the determination of business risks and help enterprises to increase the label dimensions. The high accuracy ensures availability and ease of use, and the real-time update ensures timeliness.
Platform Advantages
The capability of collecting billions of pieces of intelligence per day
Covering the four dimensions of intelligence: gangs, tools, traffic and resources
Multiple delivery modes to meet the needs of enterprises in different scenarios
Many major accounts, industry benchmark products
Application scenario
Data Leakage
Account Security
Marketing Fraud
Credit Fraud
API Abuse
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