Background and Challenges

In recent years, large-scale data leakage events have occurred frequently at home and abroad, and data has become an important factor of production. All government and enterprise organizations attach increasing importance to data. The existing security construction of government and enterprise organizations generally focuses on internal detection and defense, often neglects the security situation of the external data, and fails to quickly perceive the event when the data leakage event occurs, resulting in the damage to the images of government and enterprise organizations or economic losses.

Service Introduction

Threat Hunter data asset leakage risk monitoring platform realizes alert and concurrent validation of data in the first time through real-time monitoring of data asset leakage information of major darknets, netdisk libraries, code hosting, group chat forums and other channels, in combination with artificial intelligence analysis technology. After locating the risk, it provides traceability services to cooperate with enterprise investigation and helps customers find, accurately locate and effectively solve the data asset leakage problem, minimizes the risk and damage caused by data asset leakage and helps enterprises achieve data compliance.

Service Functions
Data Asset Leakage Channel Monitoring
The main data distribution channels such as darknet, encrypted chat, library netdisk, and codebase are fully covered, and more than 3 million pieces of data are collected every day.
Security Operation Expert Identification
The security operation experts of Threat Hunter will conduct manual identification of the collected data, provide professional identification services of data leakage event, and ensure the accuracy of intelligence.
Data Asset Leakage Intelligence Alert
After the data leakage event is detected, report the emergency immediately to the customer by email, API and other means, helping them discover the data asset leakage event timely. Moreover, Threat Hunter provides a large screen of data asset leakage situation through SaaS service, so that customers can perceive the risk and event of data leakage in real time.
Emergency Response to Data Leakage
Assist customers to carry out emergency response to data leakage, minimize the losses caused by data leakage, and provide continuous monitoring services for customers.
Service Advantages
Comprehensive monitoring channels and data sources
The monitoring channels include major encrypted chat tools, darknet forums, netwdisk libraries, code hosting, etc., covering various scenarios such as illegal leakage of internal personnel, operator leakage, SMS channel leakage, etc.
Real-time perception of data leakage risk
Alert within 15 minutes to timely perceive the data asset leakage risk, validate the authenticity of the data within 2 hours and eliminate the interference of false data.
Highly recognized by major accounts in many industries
Threat Hunter has been dedicated to the intelligence field for a long time, and we provided high-quality services to major accounts in the internet, finance, logistics, retail and other fields relying on years of technology accumulation.
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