In recent years, many Internet enterprises with a large amount of personal information in China have carried out overseas business and even have been listed overseas. This process may involve a large amount of outbound data. Measures on Security Assessment for Cross-Border Data Transfers (Draft for comments) put forward protection requirements for the risks of outbound data and data security events against personal information: enterprises shall regularly assess compliance risk for outbound data, and specify the type and magnitude of data handled by enterprises, activities and possible risks, as well as corresponding rectification measures in the risk assessment report.


By deploying the API security control platform, automatically audit which sensitive data flows through which API, and how much data is transferred to which countries overseas, timely find out compliance risks according to national standards, analyze the currently accessed outbound data volume of business, outbound data volume involving overseas, and outbound data volume of personal sensitive information, and evaluate the current overall outbound data situation, so as to assess whether it meets the requirements.

Core Advantages
Easy deployment

Deploy in the bypass mode, without affecting the current network structure

Automatic assessment

Automatically assess sensitive outbound data

Why Threat Hunter?
Assessment of Cross-border Data Compliance
Assess whether the current data flow of the enterprise meets the conditions of data exit.
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